PPWS - Police Welfare Society - Minutes of the 34th General Body Meeting -  dt 27.7.2016





       “Puducherry Police Welfare Society” is only the successor of erstwhile “MUTUELLE MILITAIRE DES FORCES PUBLIQUES” which existed during the French Regime from 1947.  After DE JURE in 1963, this society was christened as “Pondicherry Police Welfare Society” and registered thereafter in July 1975 under Societies Registration Act, 1975 with the objectives of extending help to its members (all ranks of Puducherry Police ) as under:  


(a)  Sanction of loan and grant to members and their dependents for various purposes connected with their welfare.  

(b)  Undertaking Welfare activities touching all vital aspects of the lives of the members and their families etc.  

(c)  Grant of financial assistance by way of loans and grants to the  members of the society for promotion of their welfare.  


All the Police Personnel of the Puducherry Police would become automatically members of this Police Society soon after their enrolment.  The members include from the rank of Police Constable to DGP.  Each member have to remit monthly subscription as membership fee and the present rate is as under:  


SPs              -        Rs. 50/-

Insprs.         -        Rs. 45/-

S.Is              -        Rs. 40/-

ASIs             -        Rs. 35/-

HCs              -        Rs. 30/-

PCs              -        Rs. 25/- 


  The Executive Committee of the PPWS consists of the following


1. The Director General of Police                                            - President

2. The Deputy Inspector General of Police                             - Vice President

3. The Senior Superintendent of Police (HQ)                         - Secretary

4. The Superintendent of Police welfare                                 - Treasure 





The Society grants Merit Scholarships to the wards of the members, who secure more than 50% marks,  at the rate of Rs.75/- per month.   A total no. of 70 merit scholarships are granted per year.   Further, the society grant Rs.150/- per month to the wards of the Police personnel, who undergo professional courses such as M.B.B.S., Engineering, CA/Law, MBA, etc.  


a) MERIT SCHOLARSHIP:  (SSLC, +1, +2 and Degree level)          

          (a) Police Constable                     : 35 Wards @ Rs.100/- per month

          (b) Head Constable                      : 20 Wards @ Rs.100/- per month

          (c) ASI / SI / Inspr.                  : 10 Wards @ Rs.150/- per month

          (d) SI / Inspr.                            : 10 Wards @ Rs.200/- per month

          (d) Superintendent of Police        :   5 Wards @ Rs.300/- per month  



Special Merit Scholarship is granted to the wards of Police personnel doing professional courses, such as MBBS., Engineering, CA, Law, Architect etc.  



Two awards are given annually to those wards of the Police Personnel who secure highest percentage of marks at two levels, one at SSLS/Metric and another at Higher Secondary Level. 




1st Prize     Rs-2,000/-

2nd Prize    Rs-1,500/-

3rd Prize     Rs- 1,000/- 

1st Prize    Rs-3,000/-

2nd Prize   Rs-2,500/-

3rd Prize    Rs- 2,000/-



Widows of Police Personnel, who are not entitled to Pensioners benefits, are given Rs.300/- per month.  Currently, six such widows are getting this benefit every month.  



The members are eligible for a grant of Rs.300/- as Spectacle Grant twice during their service  



An amount of Rs.15,000/- is given from the PPWS fund to the next of kin of the Police personnel who died while in service. in addition to the above, a sum of Rs.5,000/- will be given at the time of funeral of such police personnel as non-recoverable grant   



A Grant of Rs.200/- is given to a member of the force who or whose wife has undergone family planning operation subject to the condition that he/she should not have more than two children.  This benefit is extended by the Society apart from the incentives being given by the government.  



The members are granted loans for various purposes like self marriage, ward’s marriage, pilgrimage, ear boring ceremony, for purchasing School Books/Notebooks, puberty ceremony, defray of medical expenses, and house repairs from the PPWS fund at the rate of 10% interest.  The repayment of the above loans will be in ten equal monthly installments.   


(a)  The quantum of loan being given to the members from the Welfare Fund are as follows:  

          1. Self Marriage                                 : Rs.30,000/- Male & Rs 40,000/- Female

          2. Marriage of wards                          : Rs 30,000/-

          3. House repairing                               : Rs.40,000/-

          4. Pilgrimage                                       : Rs.  1,000/-

          5. Ear boring                                      : Rs.  5000/-

          6. Sister/Brother’s Marriage               : Rs.20,000/-

          7. Book Loans                                      : Rs.  2,000/-

         8. Medical Loan                                    : Rs. 10,000/-     


  (b). Medical Loan:              



For ordinary diseases



For prolonged illness like paralysis, etc. necessitating hospital admission



For diseases like by-pass surgery, kidney transplant action, cancer, head injury, etc. requiring hospitalization and specialty treatment 




There are two Superannuation Schemes for the members of the Society.   The  Superannuation Scheme – I was started in the year 1975 and Scheme-II in the year 1982.  According to these Schemes, the members have to remit an amount of Rs. 610/- for 61 months twice during their services.  Once the amount is paid by the member, he is entitled to get an amount of Rs. 5,000/- under each Scheme on his retirement/Superannuation.  However, in case the member dies during the period of contribution / service, his family gets this benefit.   However, police personnel appointed after 2005 are not  enrolled in the Scheme since the same is not found financially viable due to fall in interest rate.  



Whenever any member of the force attains Superannuation and goes on retirement, a Send Off is given in appreciation of his long service and a lump sum grant of Rs. 15,000/- is given to him.  



PPWS is running one School Bus for the conveyance of School going children of the Police Personnel. About 120 students are traveling in the  bus.   The rates per month collected for each student are as detailed below:


                                          Gorimedu                         Muthialpet            


a) Police        -                  Rs. 150/-                         Rs. 140/-               

b) Non Police  -                Rs. 300/-                         Rs. 290/- 



A Police Community Hall was constructed at Gorimedu Police Complex and is functioning since 11.07.92.  This hall is given on 50% concession rates to the Police Personnel and Home Guards for marriage and other celebrations of the family.  The rental is as detailed below: 

                                                               One day                 Half day

a)     Police Home Guard                   Rs. 5000/-              Rs.2500/-

b)     Non-Police                              Rs. 9000/-              Rs.5000/-    



This Scheme was started in March 1995 when the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Puducherry sanctioned a grant of Rs.20.00 lakhs to the Society in three installments.   The amount has been deposited in a bank and its annual interest is utilized to pay premium for the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme which cover all ranks of Puducherry Police.  As per this Scheme, whoever, being the members of PPWS, dies in an accident while on duty or in service will be benefited.  The insured amount to the ranks from Constables to Inspector is Rupees 1 lakh and the amount insured to the ranks from SP to I.G.P. is Rupees 5 lakhs.   



This scheme was started in August 2006 in order to support the bereaved families of police personnel died while in service due to illness.  It is found that a number of such families are suffering for want of sufficient resources to eke out their living.  In order to implement the Scheme, an amount of Rs.5.00 lakh was deposited in the Indian Overseas Bank, Pondicherry under Term Deposit for three years and the interest accrued from it is utilized for extending benefits to the families of the deserving families of the deceased police personnel.  As per the scheme, a child from the bereaved family will be getting a total amount of Rs.1000/- as educational assistance in a year up to the age of 18 years.   During 2006-2007, a total number of eleven families, i.e., ten widows  of Pondicherry Police personnel and one widow of an IR Bn Constable were identified as eligible applicants and the Inspector General of Police distributed Rs.1000/- to each child as educational assistance to them.   



The General Body meeting of the PPWS held on 9.2.2006 discussed about the proposal of the LIC of India  to cover the members of the Puducherry Police under a Savings Linked Group Insurance, wherein the family of a deceased police personnel will be benefited in the event of his death due to natural causes.  The meeting unanimously resolved to adopt the scheme by recovering  the  premium  from  the  pay  of  each    member along  with  PPWS subscription amount.   Under the scheme, the lower subordinates will get a coverage of Rs.1.00 lakh, upper subordinates Rs.2.00 lakhs and the Gazetted Officers Rs.3.00 lakhs.   The monthly subscription will be Rs.100/-, Rs.200/- and Rs.300/- respectively out of which 60% will go to the savings fund.   There is also option for Double Accident Benefit by paying an additional Rs.18.75 for each Rs.100/-.   In that case, a legal heir of the individual who died in accident will get double the sum for which he is insured.    The Scheme was formally launched on 21.10.2006 by the Inspector General of Police.    After the implementation of the Scheme, upto February 2007,  a total no. of seven police personnel died due to illness and their families were paid Rs.1.00 lakh each under the scheme.   



The “Puducherry Police Family Welfare Society” was started in  1991 with a view to give a footing for an  earning  for the wives and daughters of the Police personnel.   It runs the following Units at Puducherry/Karaikal.




15 members, mostly the wives and daughters of the Police personnel are rendering their services in the Tailoring Unit of “ Puducherry Police Family Welfare Society”.   The Tailoring Unit undertakes stitching of uniforms of the Police personnel/Home Guards.  Periodical training is also given to them.


The rates of stitching charges in respect of police and Home Guards uniform are as follows:


SN               Item of the Uniform                   Rate

   1.             Full shirt Terricot khaki                                    Rs.60/-

   2.             Half shirt Terricot khaki                                   Rs.30/- 

   3.             Terricot pant khaki                                           Rs.120/-

   4.             Full shirt cotton khaki                                       Rs.30/-

   5.             Half shirt cotton khaki                                      Rs.26/- 

   6.             Pant khaki cotton                                              Rs.60/-

   7.             Half trouser khaki cotton                                 Rs.40/-

   8.             Shirt khaki cotton for Home Guards                  Rs.30/-

   9.             Overall khaki (Navy blue of khaki)                   Rs.120/-

  10.            Blouse cotton khaki                                           Rs.16/-

  11.            Aprons blue                                                      Rs.16/-  



On 30.08.91, the “Puducherry Police Family Welfare Society” has opened  a  small  retail shop “ Shilpi” and is selling clothings,  such as, sarees, shirts, pants, pillow covers, petticoats,  chruridars etc. purchased in bulk during festival season to the Police Personnel at concessional rates on credit basis which are recoverable in five/ten installments.  Cash sales are also done for the general public.  



One crèche is running in Gorimedu Police Complex with one teacher and one helper, with the assistance of Puducherry State Social Welfare Board. This benefits about 50 children of the police families.   There is one Teacher and one Helper at the Creche and the honorarium paid to them are as follows:  

          Teacher – Rs.1100/- per month

          Helper   -  Rs.  900/- per month.   




A Family Counseling Centre has been opened at the premises of AWPS in Karaikal with the assistance of the Puducherry  State  Social Welfare Board for sorting out problems of families which are in distress.  

The Centre functions with the grant-in-aid received from the Central Social Welfare Board, New  Delhi.  

    The Salary given to the Counseling Centre at Karaikal are as below.

                   1.  Counsellor                    -        Rs. 5500/-   Per month

                   2.  Typist                         -        Rs. 1500/-   Per month

                   3.   Peon                           -        Rs. 1000/-   Per month