Applications to be submitted before 8 months of  Retirement / Superannuation Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity


FORM-1 - Nomination For Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity


FORM-1-A - Superannuation Pension

  FORM-2 Tuition Fees


FORM-3 - Details Of Family 


FORM-I - Commutation Of A Fraction Of Pension Without Medical Examination


FORM-5  Retiring Government servant Eight Months Before the Date of His Retirement 


FORM 5 (Rules)

  Form -A (Payment of arrears pension)


Left Hand Thumb Impression


The Specimen Signature In Respect Of Thiru/Tmt

2 GPF Advance  Application
3 GPF 1Withdrawal Form
4 GPF Nomination Form
5 PF Withdrawal Form
6 Festival Advance Form
7 Festival Surety Form
9 LTC Application
10 LTC Bill
11 Medical Claim A-Certificate
12 Medical claim B - certificate
13 Medical Claim Application
14 Medical claim application 2
15 Medical Claim Doctor declaration
16 Medical  claim EXTRACT form
17 Medical Leave Certificate
18 Furnished by the specialist medical officer working in hospital
19 Medical Expenses Claiming refund
20 Advance for the Purchase of Personal Computer
21 Advance for the Purchase of Motor Cycle
22 Advance for bicycle
23 Reimbursement of Child Education Allowance (or) Tuition Fee
24 EL application
25 TA- Certificate for Tour bills
26 TA Bill for Tour
27 TA bill for Transfer
28 TA Certificate for Transfer
29 Employs Group Insurance Scheme 1984 - FORM-7
30 Employs Group Insurance Scheme 1984 - FORM-8
31 Permission for Immovable Property Transaction
32 Railway Reservation FORM 2 NOS.
33 Withdrawal of Final payment-advance under deposit linked insurance Scheme
34 Surety Bond
35 Application for International Driving Permit apply with RTO, Puducherry

Non - Conviction Certificate


Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC) to go to Abroad / Obtain Indian Passport

Annexure I                      Annexure II


Application for Study Permission

39 ACR Form (PC to Inspector)
40 ACR (SP and above)
41 Application for Compassionate Appointment updated as on 04.04.18