Family Counselling Centre – Origins and Functions  

At the instance of the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi , the Puducherry State Social Welfare Advisory Board have stared the Family Counseling Centre in June 1993 in the Union Territory of Puducherry.  The Centre was inaugurated by the then Social Welfare Minister, Thiru. A. Gandhiraj.


The objective of the centre are as follows.  

1.         Enhancement of the quality of life, that delicate adaptive balance between human beings and their ecological environment.

2.         To Strengthen and supplement family life where particulars needs have identified.

3.         To provide rehabilitative situations when the individuals family adaptive capacities are weakened or lacking.

4.         To prepare individuals and families for meeting a spectrum of developmental life tasks through services aimed at preventing problems and crisis, strengthening family coping skills and developing accessible resource network.


The Centre is functioning at the office of the Superintendent of Police (North), No.24, Jawaharlal Nehru Street , Puducherry -1 from 08.45 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.


In the family Counseling Centre one Counselor -in-charge, 2 Counsallors, a typist and a peon are working.


Nature of the work



Counseling the cases represented before us for help.  Counseling means helping an individual to help himself/herself.


Counsallors adopt various techniques and methods while helping the clients such as behaviour modification techniques, cognitive restructuring environmental modifications referred services, collateral contacts, etc.


When the client approaches (they are either referred by Madhar Sangams, NGOC, Police, direct contact) the centre, the Counselor elicit the problem and given counseling to the client.  Than the Counter client called through latter.  Three letters are sent.  If the counter client does not respond for the three letters, then the Police help is sort in bringing the counter client.  If the counter client is in Tamilnadu, the cases are referred to the nearby center. 



The field visits are being met by the counselors in order to mobilize Public opinion about the clients and their family if necessary. Home visits are made to follow-up the old clients.



The Counselors organized awareness meetings periodically in Urban and Rural areas to publicize the services of family Counseling Center . Counselor organized meeting in co-ordination with other Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations.



The Voluntary action Bureau counselor inspect the Family Counseling Centre once in six months.  Apart from this, regular inspections she also visit the center when necessary.


The Secretary visit the centre every month and gives his valuable suggestions in the proper maintenance records and registers.


Now, the Center Social Welfare Advisory Board has appointed the Madras School of Social work as nodal Agency to evaluate the service of Family counseling Center.


Apart from this, the Local Ministers, MLA’s, the Central Social Welfare Board, Chairperson, Executive Director, Deputy Directors also visit the Center and give their valuable suggestions.



The Counselor are deputed to Mangalam Society and are extending their counselling Services to the Villagers where Mangalam Project       working.


The Counselor are also asked to give counseling to the clients of family Court before they are tried in the Open Court . So, the Counselor pays regular visits once in a week to the Family Court.


There are about Four family counseling Centre in Puducherry. Periodical meeting for the counselor are being organized by the State Social Welfare Advisory Board to strengthen and supplement this skirls of the counselors.


The Counselors attend periodically the refresher training which is being organized by the Central Social Welfare Board.  The counselors are kept informed of the latest developments in counseling.


The Sub Inspector of All Women Police Station is very helpful in assisting while dealing difficult cases. 


Work involved in Case Work & Counseling  

A.     Initial contacts and requests for help by clients and relatives giving information.

B.     Clarifying the information.

C.     Establishing good rapport with the client and relatives.

D.     Fact finding by series of interviews

E.      Recording of cases

F.      Assessment of the problem

G.     Counselling

H.     Deciding along with client in the rehabilitation process.

I.        Combined enquiry along with counter clients (if necessary)

J.       Referral to other organizations – Governmental and non-Governmental – if necessary.

K.    Home visit (to mobilize public opinion, to study the interaction pattern to study the socio-economic status of the family)

L.      Organizational visit

M.   Collateral visits to make use of community services.

N.    Periodical follow –up of cases by visits.

O.    Periodical follow up cases by correspondence.


Rehabilitation and Referral services  

A.     Job placement

B.     Home place for women

C.     Referral to working women hostel

D.     Hostel placement for destitute children

E.      Sponsorship for children (Educational help)

F.      Medical service and treatment

G.     Vocational training

H.     Referral to legal aid

I.         Tapping the services available in the government welfare schemes.


Total well being of the person and family welfare is emphasized.





The Counselors organize awareness meetings periodically in urban and rural areas to publicize the services of Family Counselling Centre.  Meetings are being organized in co-ordination with Governmental and Non-governmental organizations.



The Counselors are deputed to attend/workshop, Seminars and Panel discussions organized by the Governmental and Non-Governmental organization.


The Counselors are given refresher training by the Madras School of work every year.  Counselors are kept informed of the latest developments in Counseling.


The Counselors are deputed to Mangalam Society and are extending their counselling services to the villages where Mangalam Project is implemented.


The Counselor of Voluntary Action Bureau inspects the Family counseling Centre once in six months.  Apart from this regular inspection, he also visits the centre when necessary.