Training - Willingness called - Feb-June 2019 - SP(PTS) dt 13.02.19
Course calendar 01.02.19
National Institute of Criminology & Forensic science - April to Jue 2019 - dt 31.12.18
Courses for Escort officers and Camp Commandants at IITA, Moinabad dt 05.01.19
Counter Intelligence- Counter Terrorism at NIA, New Delhi dt 16.01.19
Juvenile Justice at NEPA, Meghalaya dt 23.01.19-
Crime Against Women & Sexual Harassment at workplace at NEPA, Meghalaya dt 23.01.19 (2)
Module on CCTNS at NEPA, Meghalaya dt 23.01.19
Course calendar 2019 scheduled at CISF NISA, Hyderabad dt 16.01.19
Investigation of Cyber crime cases at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 24.01.19
Mobile Forensic & CDR Analysis at NEPA, Meghalaya dt 23.01.19
Remainder - Training on various projects at ICT Academy, BSNL dt 28.01.19
NSG - Seminar on Synergised Response to the Emergency - dt 22.01.19
Vertical Interaction course - BPR&D dt 07.01.19
Investigation of Traffic Accidents at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 18.01.19
Precursor chemical diversion and Pharmaceutical Investigation dt 18.01.19
Counter terrorism at SZRTC, Trivandrum dt 14.01.19
Cyber security for LEAs at SVP NPA, Hyderabad dt 18.01.19
Response to Active shooter Incident Train - CAPT, Bhopal dt 11.01.19
Willingness - Courses during Feb & March 2019 dt 23.01.19
Course Calendar
Basic Training & In-service couses at CRPF dt 24.12.18
Courses on Investigation of Cyber crime at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 1.01.19
Cyber crime investigation course at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 20.12.18
Interpersonal effectiveness and Team building - IIM, Ahmedabad dt 18.12.18
Mid- Carrier interaction Programme at hyderabad dt 18.12.19
Stress management programme at Engineering staff college of India dt 26.12.18
Trainers course on counter Terrorism at EZRTC, Kolkata dt 24.12.18
Training on various projects at ICT Academy, BSNL dt 04.01.19
Vertical Interaction courses on LWE Appreciation sponsored by BPR&D dt 31.12.18
Vertical Interaction courses - sponsored by BPR&D dt 31.12.18
Vertical Interaction courses on Public order sponsored by BPR&D dt 01.01.19
Willingness called for courses during January and March 2019 dt 07.01.19
Willingness Called for courses during Jan 2019 & March 2019 SP(PTS) dt 02.01.19
Willingness called for the post of Senior Police Adviser (P-5) in UNFICYP, Cyprus dt 11.12.18
Training Programme on Missing Children at RBVRR Telangana State Police Academy, Hyderabad dt 12.12.18
Nominations for various courses scheduled during the month of January 2019 at NCRB, New Delhi dt 20.12.18
Nominations for training courses in the CBI Academy during January to April 2019 dt 29.11.18
Mid Career Training Programme Phase-III for IPS officers at SVP NPA, Hyderabad dt 19.12.18
courses on Social media analysis & setting up of social media Labs' at SVPNPA, Hyderabad dt 14.12.18
Courses on Negotiation Skills at SVPNPA, Hyderabad dt 19.12.18
Course on Use of Videography-Photography in the Scene of Crime at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 13.12.18
Course on 'Urban Operations' scheduled to be held at SVP NPA, Hyderabad dt 20.12.18
course on Intelligence Tradecraft to be held at SZRTC, PTC, Thiruvananthapuram dt 20.12.18
Course on Cybercrime Awareness Training Programme at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 14.12.18
Combating Financing of Terror at National Intelligence Academy, Dwarka, New Delhi dt 28.11.18
Basic Course on Space Technology for Policing (Geographical Information System) at CDTI, Hyderabad dt 13.12.18
12 weeks Basic Armourer Course at NEPA, Meghalaya dt 20.12.18
5 days Courses on Road safety at IRTE's College of Traffic Management NCR Delhi dt 14.12.18
Nomination - Interrogation course at Thiruvananthipuram - 2019