Government of Puducherry
Traffic Police




1.Children's Traffic Park

Children Traffic Park is being maintained by the Puducherry Police Which helps in Providing not only the recreation and enjoyment to the children but also educates them about Traffic rules/ road accidents etc.

2. Traffic Education Cell

Traffic Education Cell has been established to educate the public about the Traffic Rules and discipline. This is done with the help of latest Technology, for example use of video cassettes, 3 D Projector etc.


In order to control the increasing pollution and keep our environment clean it is essential to check the exhaust emission from vehicles. Interceptors are fitted with latest technology equipment to check the pollution by vehicle.

4. Children Traffic Corps

Every year 80 boys and girls of various Schools are being trained by the Traffic Police in basic traffic rules and regulations.


5. Engineering Cell


3 Constables of Traffic Branch are doing the entire engineering work of Traffic Branch like drawing of stop lines, arrow marks, Centre medians, directions arrows etc. on all roads. They are also drawing parking lines for all types of vehicles in almost all the roads,of Pondicherry , besides erection and re-painting of various sign boards. Mobile barricades have been placed on all important thoroughfare especially beach road to check the racing vehicles. Two more junctions ( Muthialpet & Marapalam ) are going to be signalised very shortly.

6 Traffic Warden

A Chief Traffic Warden was appointed. There are 24 members working as Traffic Warden assisting traffic police. Respectable citizens are appointed as Traffic Wardens.


TRAFFIC WARDENS: The Traffic Wardens are appointed to achieve public cooperation in road safety and traffic management. The duties and responsibilities of Traffic Wardens are as follows


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF TRAFFIC WARDENS: The following are the duties and responsibilities of the Traffic Wardens:

  1. To serve as a bridge between the traffic police and the community for better understanding of local and general traffic problem.

  2. Monitor traffic movements and road situations.

  3. Reporting irregularities and violation of the law.

  4. Operational involvement in traffic regulations as and when needed.

  5. Involvement in communication or educational drives launched by the traffic police from time to time to make suggestions for improvement of various traffic problems.

  6. To continuously promote road safety awareness in public and school children.

  7. To render assistance to victims of road accidents.

  8. To help and guide pedestrians to cross road and walk on footpaths safely.

  9. Guide road users to observe traffic rules.

  10. Prevent violation of traffic rules and regulations.

  11. Help police to maintain order on festivals and other occasions.

  12. To assist the police in regulating traffic and to inculcate better traffic sense in the public.

  13. Traffic wardens should have sufficient time to regulate traffic at the given main crossing at least two days in a week for 3 hours at peak hours. However they will be contacted by traffic police as and when the situation warrants.

  14. Being voluntary service Traffic Wardens shall not have any statutory powers. Their reports on traffic violations and conditions shall, however, be considered by the Traffic Police.

  15. Traffic Wardens may also suggest measures for improvement of road situations.

  16. Traffic Warden should be motivated by a spirit of service and dedication.

  17. Traffic Wardens could volunteer themselves even without being called upon to advance the objectives of road safety by harnessing their personal and professional resources.

Interceptors: In order to control the increasing pollution and keep our environment clean it is essential to check the exhaust emission from vehicles. Interceptors are fitted with latest technology equipment to check the pollution by vehicle.


 Computerized  Record Of  Traffic  Bookings  And  Warnings  

For  better  regulation of  traffic  and  prevention  of  Road  Traffic  Accidents,  a  TRAFFIC  CONTROL  ROOM  is  functioning  smoothly in  this  Unit.  

In  order  to enhance  its  machinery,  the  Traffic  Unit  of  Puducherry  Police  has  taken  steps  to  computerize  the  records  of  M.V. Act  cases,  so  that  conviction  history   can  be  prepared  and  used  for  more  effective  prosecution  of habitual Traffic offenders.

An  officer  who  stops  a  vehicle  on  the  road  can   get  on-line  information  on  wireless  within  few  seconds  from  the  Traffic Control Room  of  Traffic  Unit  as  to  whether  the vehicle  driver  had  been  booked  earlier  for Traffic  Offences. As  per  earlier  records,  appropriate  action  is  taken  on  the  offender  without  delay.   

On  Line Computerized  Record  of  Vehicles

The Traffic Unit in liaison with the Transport Authorities has started collecting particulars  of  registration of vehicles for feeding the same to the computers  for record  at  Traffic  Police  Station  and  the  same  also  supplied  to  all  units  of  Puducherry  Police for  effective  enforcement.   This computerized record of vehicles will be used to trace the vehicles involved in accidents,  other traffic offences,  stolen  vehicles  and  abandoned  vehicles.     

Advantages  of this system: Speedy  Action   ie., 

  1. During  the  course  of   a   road accident  or  any  offence  with  vehicle,   police  will  be  waiting  in  the residence   of  the  Offender  before  the  offender  reaching  his/her  residence  

  2. Hit  &  Run  cases  can  be  traced  easily.  

  3. Through  the  M.V.Act  cases bookings,  present  address  of  vehicle  holders  are  being  fed  into  the  computers  and  this  will be  very  useful in  case  of  sold  vehicles.    These  are  very  useful  in  other  cases  also.    During  online  checking,   Stolen  Vehicles,   Wrong Addressees,  Wanted  Vehicles,  etc.  can  be  identified  easily.  

  4. The On-Line checking creates much  Traffic Awareness  among  the  public.  

  5. In  case  of  Repeated  Violators,   this  is  very  useful  to  register  cases  under  section  20(1) M.V.Act  for  Cancellation  / Suspension  of   Driving Licence.    

  6. In  case  of  Suspected  Vehicles,     the  doubts  will be  cleared  on  the  spot  through   wireless  within  few  seconds.    This  saves  man power,  fuel, etc.  and  avoids  unnecessary  annoyance  to  the  public.  

  7. Engine  Number  / Chassis Number  checking  helps   to  identify   the  original  owner  of  an  abandoned  vehicle  or   vehicle  with  bogus  number  plate. 

  8. Some violators  will  give  wrong address  during M.V. Act cases booking.   If summon / warning  returned as  un  served. Then,  the  offender  will  get  Enhanced  punishment  while  booking  for  next  time.  

  9. The  repeated  violators  could  not   hide  themselves   from   this  system.