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Guidelines for parents of school children

  • Parents are equally responsible for the safety of their children during school journeys.

  • They must ensure that the mode of transport arranged by school or by themselves is absolutely safe.

  • Parents must play the role of vigilant observers. They should note down violations committed by school buses and immediately report to the authorities.

  • Parents must participate in Community Policing & CLG meetings to discuss on the safety aspects of their children.

  • While taking their children to school themselves, they should take proper care of their safety.

  • Parents must ensure that the children acquire the right knowledge and skills for safe use of roads. They should teach their children the basic rules of the road, how to walk and cross the road, how to alight and board a bus etc.

  • Parents should not allow their minor children to drive.

  • Parents must also ensure that the right attitude for a law abiding citizen is imparted to their children by the family.

  • Children are very good observers and therefore, parents must set an example by meticulously observing even small traffic rules

Remember safety of children must be the foremost priority of every parent.



Till the age of 10 years children may not have developed the skills and abilities to keep themselves safe. It is therefore, necessary that they should always be accompanied by an adult when in or around traffic. An adult should invariably hold childís hand while crossing the road.

         Do not overestimate your child. It is important to teach your child from an early age to stop, Look, Listen and think before crossing.

         Stop one step back from the kerb.

         Look in all directions for approaching traffic. Encourage yor child to turn his head, looking in all directions- not just left and right.

         Listen for approaching traffic.

         Think whether it is safe to cross. Make an eye contact with drivers to ensure that they have seen you.

Face the approaching traffic and keep LOOKING and LISTENING for traffic while crossing.

Children take notice of what adults do. So set a good example and STOP, Look Listen and THINK every time you cross.

Know Your School bus

School bus safety is the responsibility does not end at bus stop. We should teach our children to use the School bus properly and safely.

Children should be taught about boarding the bus.

  1. Do not hurry, wait till the bus stops.

  2. Enter the bus in single file line.

  3. Hold hand rain and enter .

  4. Ensure that your bag or clothes donít get stuck any where.

  5. Go straight to your seat.

While Traveling in bus:

  1. Be seated properly and face forward.

  2. Do not put any part of your body outside the bus.

  3. Do not travel on footboard.

  4. Keep the aisle clear.

  5. Do not make much noise and distract dirver.

  6. Follow the intuction of driver and conductor.

   While alighting the bus:

  1. Do not be in a hurry, wait till the bus stops.

  2. Use handrail to get off the bus.

  3. Exit from the front door of the bus.

  4. Be visible to the driver while alighting.

  5. Do not Crawl under the bus to pick up lost things.

  6. Never move behind the bus, the blind spot of driver.