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Willingness called for ATA courses at Jaipur during May to July 2018 - SP HQ dt 18.05.18
Training - Course Calendar CDTS Bopal
Training - Course calendar CDTS Rajasthan
Willingness called for CDTI courses at Jaipur during May 2018 SP HQ dt 18.05.18
GO. No. 23 Dt 16.04.18 - Posting of IPS Officers - DIG (Admin), SSPs (Karaikal and C&I)
Nomination call - PPM and IPM (Distinguished and Meritorious Service) - SP(HQ) 12.04.18
CM visited Police HQ - 14.04.18
Farewell to Shri Rajiv Ranjan IPS, DIG following his transfer to Delhi - 14.04.18
Farewell to Shri Rajiv Ranjan, IPS, DIG held at DGP Conference Hall on 12.04.18
DGP press note - 10.04.18 commendation certificate
Shri Rahool Alwal IPS (AGMU 2014) joined Puducherry Police - 09.04.18
Sensational murder case of D' Nagar PS - 24.03.18
Sensational blind murder case of Mettupalayam PS - 22.03.18
Thirubuvanai PS - Crude Bombs detected target of murder plot foiled - 09.04.18
4 Year old sensational Murder case of a Pawn Broker CRACKED - 07.04.18
Cheating case busted - 07.04.18
Sensational murder case of Villianour PS - 06.04.18
Tentative Seniority List of Inspector - SP(HQ) dt 06.04.2018
Final seniority list of Sub-Inspector of Police - SP HQ-dt 05.04.18
Application for Compassionate Appointment - 04.04.18
Press Note - Self-defense Training Programme - 02.04.18 - Photos
Special Event - Women Police Sports and Self-defence training for Training Programme for girls / students conducted at PAP Police Ground Gorimendu between April 2nd and 3rd - Received great appreciations
Press Note - Face Recognition Mobile Application - Released
Seniority list of Entry grade PPS officers -Home (Police) dt 22.03.18
Promotion to Driver SG by promotion - Calling for Integrity Certificate and performance Report - SP(HQ)
Promotion to Seru Nookaraju ASI as SI of Police - SP HQ dt 20.03.18
Promotion to Subramanian ASI as SI of Police - SP HQ dt 20.03.18
SP Promotion - SP (HQ), Calling for Integrity - Performance - No operative punishment certificates - dt.19.03.18
Meghalaya - Training Course Calender - 2018
Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2017
Police - Committee for Sexual harassment at Work Place -Order of SPHQ dt 14.03.18
Tentative Seniority for SPs - Selection Grade PPS - Home Department - Order dt.07.03.2018
Hon"ble Lt G briefing Traffic Unit on its sensitivity in Policing Image at PTS in presence of DGP - 11.03.18
NHRC Silver Jublie Year competition - writings Best Practices on Human Rights dt 7.03.17
Granting of MACP to Police personnel - SP HQ - dt 21.02.18
Promotion of PC IRBn as HC -CMT order dt.28.02.18
Promotion of HC IRBn as ASIs - CMT order dt.27.02.18
Transfer and Postings of Inspector, SI & ASI -SP HQ dt 26.02.18
Transfer and Posting order of Police Personnel- SP HQ dt 26.02.18
PM vist to Puducherry - 25.02.18***
Child Protection Society - Medical Board for age determination for Juveniles - 21.02.18
Nominations invited for Best PS for the National Level committee 07.02.18
CMS Project - MHA CIS Division - Issues related to CMS operation dt 28.02.18 - Minutes of the meeting
INTERPOL Advanced malware analysis Trainingon in Manila, Phillippines and Lyon, France
Willingness invited for Abroad courses during March 2018- SP(HQ) dt 06.02.18
Working group Meeting on Darknet and Cryptocurrencies, Singapore, 15th -16th March 2018
IRBn - Final Seniority list of HCs 2010 - 2017 - Order of Commandant dt 06.02.18
TSP minutes held on 02.02.18
Indian Police Website - Guidelines for uploading good work - IB - dt 06.02.18
IRBn - Final Seniority list of HCs 2010 - 2017 - Order of Commandant dt 06.02.18
Bicycle Patrolling by CM and DGP dt.04.02.18
Touch screen Kiosk and development of software - NIC Advice
Wireless - PCs absorption as RTPC - WHPC - MPC - PEB Order dt 31.01.18
Inauguration of Eagle Eye Watch Tower - KIRUMAMPAKKAM on 27.01.18
RD Parade Celebration - 2018 -
Welfare - Inauguration of revamped Police Canteen at Dumas Street, Puducherry - 26.01.18

President Police Medal - RD 2018 -

Shri VJ Chandran IPS, DIG - Distinguished Service

Shri Rajiv Ranjan IPS, DIG - Meritorious Service

Shri R.Narayanane SG ASI - Meritorious Service

Special Grades Promotion to Police Personnel - Order dt.24.01.18 - Annexure - 1. List of SG HC - 2. List of SG SI
Minutes of the meeting - Collaborative Security Meeting with Private security agencies and Beat officers - chaired by HLG at Rajniwas on 21.01.18
ARW - Meeting to review in progress on CPGRAMS dt.18.01.18
PTS - Training calendar 2018 - Special Courses for the year
PTS - Training Syllabus Standing Order - Indoor and Outdoor
MACP to Inspector to ASI - Order of PEB - dt.18.01.2018
Promotion to PCs as Special Grades SIs- Order of SP(HQ) - dt.12.01.2018
Kolam Competition 10.01.18
Singing Competition 10.01.18
Domestic Violence And Crime Against Women at PTS - 06-01-18
Police Tailoring Unit 03-01-18
Promotion to HCs as ASI - Order of SP(HQ) - dt.12.01.18
Promotion to PCs as Special Grade HCs - Order of SP(HQ) - dt.12.01.18
Promotion to PCs as Special Grades SIs- Order of SP(HQ) - dt.12.01.2018
Nomination - Willingness - NEPA, Megalaya organizing Courses during Jan- March 2018 - dt.08.01.18
Private Security Agencies - Valid Licence Holders Details 2017 - Jan 2018
Deputation to NCRB A& T division -Filling up of 4 Posts of Sub-Inspector(GD) -SP HQ dt 03.01.18
Posting of SI doing duty basis - CCTNS Cell dt. 06.04.2017

Nomination - Willingness - CAPT, Hopal organising Courses during Feb - March 2018 - dt.04.01.17

Uploading of data of Arms licence in NDAL is extented till 31.03.18 dt 30.11.17

Annual Review Meeting at Police HQ - chaired by Chief Minister in presence of DGP and other Senior Officers - 02.01.18

Tourism Police Booth inauguration by DGP Puducherry - 01.01.18 - 1600 hrs

New Year Celebration - Bandobast arrangements - Police Orchestra in front of Tourism Police 

Happy New Year - 2018

















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