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Modern Integrated Central Control Room



Acts related to Puducherry UT
The Police (Puducherry Amendment) Act 1966 @ PP Act 1966
The Puducherry Open places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act 2000
Motor Vehicle (Puducherry Amendment) Act 1966
The Puducherry (Application of Motor Vehicles Act) order (Amendment) Act 1968
Puducherry Gaming Act 1965
Puducherry Excise Act 1970
Puducherry Money Lenders Act 1970
Puducherry Land Encroachment Act 1970
The Puducherry Chit funds Act 1966
The Puducherry occupants of Kudiyiruppu (Protection from Eviction) Act, 1970
The Puducherry Prevention of Anti- Social Activities act 2008
The Puducherry shops and establishments Act 1964
The Puducherry Women's Commission Act, 2001
Puducherry Home guards Act 1965
Government Union Territories Act 1963
Pondicherry Government Business Rules






Notification - Home Department - Draft Pondicherry Police Service Rules 2019 - 15.03.19

Draft - Pondicherry Police Service Rules 2019 - Notification of Home Department

Notification- Banning the sale of Gutkha and Pan Masala in Puducherry UT 22.11.17
Uploading Acts & Rules; Subordinate legislations, Circulars in NIC portal dt 24.11.17
SBI Police Account - Conversion to Police Salary Package - SP(HQ) 21.06.17
NTCP and COTPA - Compliance in Monthly Crime Review & Trainings - Health Department - 28.11.16
Elections Commission - SOP for seizure of cash and other items - Instructions - 01.12.16
FIR Registration - High Court Directives in Lalitha Kumari-IV and V - Law Department dt 17.11.16
FIR Registration - Latest Directions of High Court for TN and Puducherry - dt. 24.11.16
SIM Card Sale on fake documents - Action sensitization - MHA & DoT dt 16.11.16
FIR in Police website (Citizen Portal of CCTNS) - Supreme Court Guidelines -  JD, NCRB, MHA, New Delhi - dt 30.9.2016
Week-End Police Arrangements for Traffic - Tourism - SSP(L&O) dt 23.09.16
Defacement removal - Directions of Chief Secretary to Government dt 23.09.16
DRDM - Illegal manufacture and storage of Explosives - Revenue - dt 21.09.15
DP&R - GOI - OM - Consolidated instructions on Compassionate Appointment - 2013

MHA - Model Code of Conduct - Indian Police

Supreme court Guidelines - Protection to Women

Constitution of Purchase Committee - SP(HQ) dt 18.05.11

Safari Sanction Order for His Excellency Lt.G. Security Police

Special Branch Plain Cloth Allowance

Department of IT - Privacy and Security - Official NIC email ID to be used for bonafide government purpose

Mental Ill Health Organizations functioning in Puducherry as on June 2011

Nodal Officer for CPGRAMS - Order of IGP dt 13.12.12

National Security Act 1980 - Detention Power to Executive Magistrate for Puducherry & Karaikal - Order 19.04.11

Bill on Street Vendors 2009 draft

DMS, Health Department - Issue of Wound Certificate - Instructions - dt. 17.08.11

Advisory on Missing Childrens - Home Department dt. 13.12.12 / MHA dt. 29.10.12

Detention power of District Magistrate - Order of Lt.G - dt 18.01.11

State Crisis Group - Reconstruction - Order dt. 13.01.11

NHRC - Sensitization on Mental Health Act 1987 - Powers and Responsibilities of Police Officers

Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee - Conditions for Idol Immersion on the event of Saraswathi Pooja

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Disaster Management - Police  / IRBn

District Magistrate - Posting of Executive magistrate for L&O duties - ID Note dt. 16.07.11

Notification for Interception under Telegraph Rules

Law Department - Additional Charge for PP - Order dt 20.11.11

Disaster Management (Revenue) - Mobile Radiation Detection System - Officer nomination - SP(HQ) dt. 3.4.12

Opening up of Minority Vigilance Cell - Order of SP(HQ) dt. 16.4.2012

Utilize Video Conferencing facility for remand extension - IGP Instructions - dt.27.08.12

FRRO - MMP - IVERT - Guidelines to all States / UTs - MHA dt16.01.13

National Human Rights Commission - Guidelines on Arrest

Supreme Court - Guidelines on Arrest - Judgement copy

Supreme Court - Record of Proceedings on Missing Children

Presentations: CHILDLINE 1098 and POLICE - Presentation & Police as Child Welfare Officer - Presentation

Juvenile Justice by PTS on 20.02.10

Supreme Court instruction - Missing Children - May 2013

Supreme court instruction - Sec 66 of Information Technology Act - May 2013

Medical council of India - requesting investigation assistance

MHA - Protection to CAT Officials

MHA guidelines on prevention of Destruction and damages to public properties

MHA on Registration of FIR irrespective of territorial jurisdiction

Supreme court guidelines on IT Act

Supreme court guidelines for prevention of Destruction and damages to public properties (PDPP Act)

Salient features of protection of children from sexual offence Act 2013 by MHA

Guidelines / clarification on section 176 CrPC - NHRC

Duties of Police Under Juvenile justice

DRDM- India disaster resource Network (IDRN) web portal online resources - Word format

MHA guidelines -

                1. SOP to handle Child Trafficking for Child Labour

                2. Legal provisions in Child Labour trafficking

Measures to be taken to prevent acid attacks on people and for treatment

Registration of FIR in Child Missing Cases - Supreme Court

Women Commission of Puducherry UT

High Court - observations on complaint registration - 03.12.13

CRB - NCRB - Corrigendum - Head of Offence Classification

Court - Allocation of Jurisdiction among JM-I, JM - II and JM - III - Order of CJM (FAC) dt 03.09.14

Bringing back the Mortal remains from Abroad - Emigrants guidelines - Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs & Home department - dt 07.09.14

NIC - Format for re-activation of Government e-mail account - Annexure - II

Health Department - Notification- Banned for Gotkha and Panmasala distribution or sale - Dated - 06.11.14

Traffic Unit re-organization - GO. No. 48/15 Home Department order dt.28.07.15

LOC - Periodical review for retention 2016 - IB MHA - 12.04.16
Conduct of Medico - Legal Autopsy at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital - Order dt.25.04.16
DAT - Collection of Service Tax from PLI insurants - Order dt 26.04.16
Conduct of Medico - Legal Autopsy at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital - Order dt.25.04.16
Police Department - Declaration of PIO under RTI - 03.05.16
Regulation on use of Siren in vehicles - ID Note of Secretary to LT. Governor dt 05.06.16
ID Note of AS to Lt. Governor - Presence of Concerned Departmental Officers during any agitations as directed by Lt. Governor - 03.06.16
Hotline numbers with Lt.G to link IGP and Senior officers of Puducherry UT - ID Note of AS to Lt.G dt 08.06.16
SOPs to help investigation of rare and serious adverse Events following IMMUNIZATIONS (AEFI) - Information
Circular - Press Release - Press Intimation for Official Programmes and Functions -  dt.31.05.16
PIO & First Appellate Authority under RTI - Police Department - Revised - Home - Order Dt 1.7.2016
Revenue - Conferring Executive Magistrate Power - Order - GO. Ms. No. 3 Dated 27.1.2014

IMMUNIZATION - GOI - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare - SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

1. SOP Immunization - Role of Police Dept in rare and serious events following Immunization

2. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - request for information on follow up dt 15.6.16

3. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - request for information on follow up dt 25.5.16

4. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - Directions requested for forwarding the SOPs and follow up

5. SOP Immunization - Write up on Adverse Events following Immunization (AEFI)

UGC - Security Guidelines on Women Safety - SAKSHAM - BOOK
UGC - Guidelines on Safety of Students on and off Campuses  at all Institutions of Higher Education
Pollution Control - Ministry of Environment & Forest - Guidelines for IDOL Immersion
Special Mahila Police volunteers - Advisory note - dt. 09.09.16
NCPCR - Child Sexual abuse assault (CSA) reported frequently in media dt 19.8.2016
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board - AERB Safety guide on security of radioactive sources in radiation facilities 2.9.2016
Website Guideline - Accessible India campaign - Social Welfare Dept - dt.16.09.16
Re-organization of Puducherry Police Station on 26.09.16
Digital India Outreach Campaign dt 6.5.2016
Bail Objection at High Court - CD file with Status update required - PP, High Court, Chennai 26.09.16
Fire Cracker - Action against clandestinely import and sale - Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, GOI - dt 20.9.16
Diwali 2016 - Taluk Committee for regulation on Fireworks - DM Revenue - dt 19.10.2016
Standing Order No 1-16 – Roll Call briefing - dt 21.10.16
GO 12-16 - Transport - Constitution of State Transport Authority - Notification dt 17.10.16
Appeal against acquittal of criminal cases in time - Mentoring Note of H.Lt. G dt 07.11.16
Special Public Prosecutor for Puducherry UT - Thiru. M.S. Maruthupandiyan, Advocate is appointed - dt 19.10.17
Chief Secretary Visit - Presentation of Puducherry Police - as on 10.11.17
Application for Police Quarters - 27.10.17
Child Protection Society - Medical Board for age determination for Juveniles - 21.02.18
Nodal officers for ISP - Revised as on 30.01.19 - SSP LO
CCR - Newspaper sanction order for Integrated Central Police Control room dt 30.01.19






Police Commission Reports

Police Commission Reports - BPRD, New Delhi

1st Report

2nd Report

3rd Report

4th Report

5th Report

6th Report

7th Report

8th Report




Rank Badges of Police Officers - IPS Officer / Puducherry UT cadre / Puducherry IRBn Cadres

Model Police Manual by BPRD - Volume 1 / Volume 2 / Volume 3

Police Drill Manual - BPRD, MHA




Government Orders (GO)
GO. Ms No. 15 dt 07.03.2019 - Enhancement of Permanent Advance amount for various offices-units
GO. Ms No. 1 dt 07.01.2003 - Enhancement of Permanent advance

GO. Ms.No. 34  National Security Act - Advisory Board reconstituted

GO No 3 of ARW - Public Interface Meeting Guidelines - dt 31.12.12

GO Ms 6 RTO - Load carrier stand in Puducherry Town limit dt 23.02.12

GO Ms No. 16 - Creation of Coastal PSs with Marine Wing - Home Department Order dt 29.3.2012

GO.Ms.53 - Implementation of Empowering District Magistrate - Order dt. 03.08.2011

GO for the creation of Rural Traffic wing - Order of Home Department.

GO of GOI (Extra-Ordinary) - Notification - LTTE declared Unlawful Association -  dated 14.05.2010

GO Ms. No. 32 - Ban on LTTE - Declaration Vide dated 05.07.12

GO Ms. No. 3 / 2011 / Envt. dt. 10.02.2011- Chemical Accidents - District and Local Crisis Group -

GO.Ms. No.81/80 GAD - Public Service - Promotion & Confirmation for those opted for French National

Traffic Automatic Signal for Villianour - Sanction Order

Work order - Installing 2 automatic signal at Villianour - Order dt 16.05.12

Sanction Order for 2 Automatic Signal at Villianour - LAD dt 15.05.12

GO Ms No.10 - Guidelines on Erection of new Statues in UT of Puducherry - 25.08.11 

GO.No.20/13 - Declaration PCR Cell (Kkl / Mahe / Yanam) as Police Stations

GO. Ms. No. 3/2013/LD - Court for Human Rights

Child Welfare Committee Members

GO MS No.33 - Empowering District Magistrate for detention under National Security Act

National Security Act, 1980 - Empowering the District Magistrate for Detention Order dt 14.10.13

"Prison Adalat" - Empowering Judicial Magistrate - Order of Hon'ble CJM - dt 07.10.13

Complete ban on erection of Cinema banners - District Magistrate cum Collector - dt 25.10.13

Anti-Usury Cell - Govt of Puducherry - GO. Ms. No. 121, dated 28th September 2005

GO No. 41-13 - Sessions Court for UT Puducherry - Law Department dt 19.11.13

Postings for new APPs - DOP Order dt 12.12.13

GO. Rt. No. 106: Record Clerk / Keeper post - Home Dept Order dt. 17.12.13

GO Ms No.56 - Modification in Granting of Special Grade to PCs, HCs & ASI - Home Department Order dt 27.08.14

Implementation of Scheme of adoption of System of Self Attestation - GO.Ms.No. 3/ 2015/A2/ARW dt: 24-03-15

Digital Life Certificate for Pension - Payment of pension through Public Sector Banks - Finance Dept dt.10.4.15 

visit www.jeevanpramaan.gov.in

Home Guard - Raise of Duty allowance for HGs - Order dt.31.07.15

GO. Ms. No. 17 - Government of Puducherry UT - MV Act - Compounding of Offences - 20.08.15

Judicial Department - Creation of JM-IV and allocation of jurisdiction of JM Courts - CJM Order dt.10.12.15
GO Ms No 56 - Setting up of 4 New Units and 2 Police Stations - Home Order dt.19.08.15
GO. Ms. No. 47 - Re-organization of Puducherry Police - Home Department dt 21.07.15
GO. Ms. No. 48 - Home Order dt 28.07.15 - Traffic re-structuring - Puducherry Police

Anti - Land Grabbing - Special Cell under REVENUE DEPARTMENT

1. Rajniwas - Anti-land grabbing meeting - Letter - 02.07.18

2. Rajniwas - Anti-land grabbing meeting - Minutes of the meeting - 02.07.18

A. Anti-Land Grabbing - GO Ms No 38 of 1998 - dt 23.05.98 Page 1  /  Page 2

B. Anti-Land-Grabbing - GO Ms No 60 of 2004 - dt 11.10.2004

C. Anti-Land-Grabbing - GO Ms No 104 of 2007 - dt 16.11.2007

CCR - Modern Integrated Police Control Room

1. GO. Ms No..65 - Expenditure sanction of Police Control Room CCR - dt 07.07.14

2. SOP - Modern Integrated Police Control Room

Spot Fine - GO Ms No 17 dt 20.08.15 - Transport Department

Home Guards - Enhancement of Duty Allowance - Home - SP(HQ) dt 28.01.19




Acts and Rules

Police Acts

Pondicherry Police Rules 

Pondicherry Police (Amendment) Act 1965

Pondicherry Police Subordinate Service Rules 1968

Pondicherry Home Guards Act 1965

Pondicherry Home Guards Rules 1966

The Pondicherry Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act 2000 -  POP(PD) Act 2000

Loud Speaker Act

The Pondicherry Meeting, Assemblies and Processions ( Regulation) Rules 1967

The Pondicherry Sound Amplifier and Load Speaker License Rules 1967

The Pondicherry Gaming Act, 1965

SC & ST Prevention of Atrocities Act

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 - Amendment

Domestic Violence Act 2005

Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 (Act 17 of 1998)

The Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Bill 2008

The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (Gazette)

Private Security Rules 2009 (PPSA Rules) - in TAMIL New

The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Rules (Gazette)

List of licensed Private Security Agency in the UT of Puducherry as on 18.05.15 - Home Department.

The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 (Central Act No.6 of 2007)New


GO.No. 58 dt 17.12.10

The Ancient Monument and Archeological site and remains (Amendments & Validation) Act 2010

NHRC guidelines / Procedure for death in Police Action

Revised Human Rights Guidelines on death in Police Action - dt 12.05.10

Human Trafficking Investigation Cell - Order dt 02.11.10

MHA - Advisory on Missing Children - prevention of Trafficking

Amendment in Section 188 IPC

Supreme Court and High Court on Dowry Harassment and Rent Act on Tenant

Re-Notification declaring Tiger as National Animal and Peacock as National Bird

FRRO - Registration of Foreigners Act 1939 & Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939

FRRO - Foreigners Act 1949 & Foreigners Act Amendment 2004

GO Ms No.11 dated 12.03.10 of Home Department

Puducherry - Policy to deal with encroachment of Public Places by Religious Structures in the UT of Puducherry

The Protection of Children against sexual offences Act 2012

Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill 2012

The Criminal Law (Amendment) act 2013     /    The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2013

The Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 / Gazatte Notification IT (Amended) Act 2008

The Unlawful activities (Prevention) Amendment Act 2012

Hon'ble Supreme Court of India - Regulation of Sale of Acid

The Puducherry Guarantee of Services to Citizen Bill, 2013

NHRC - The Protection of Human Rights Act 1993
NHRC - Human Rights and Police
NHRC - Rights of Women and Child
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2015 - Bare Act Gazette dt. 15.01.16
Go.Ms.No.68 - Criminal Law Amendment Act - Power - Home dt. 11.08.1970
INDIAN Major Law - New
The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Amendment) Act 2015
Police Related Acts - 5 Acts - New
UGC - Security Guidelines on Women Safety - SAKSHAM - BOOK
UGC - Guidelines on Safety of Students on and off Campuses  at all Institutions of Higher Education

FIR to be posted on Web - Supreme Court Direction - Judgement

Police - Committee for Sexual harassment at Work Place -Order of SPHQ dt 14.03.18

Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2017
Traffic Automatic Signal - Villianour Pattani Kadai and Kanuvapet Junction - Handing over 2014
Traffic Signal - Estimate Approval by CE PWD - Villianur.PDF
Traffic Signal Villianour - Work order by Villianour Commune LAD - 2012
Traffic Signal - quotation for Pathukannu junction Villianour - 2012
Traffic Signal Sanction Order
Traffic map - Villianour 2012
Traffic Villianour - Proposal to LAD - 12.7.2011





Standing Order

Pondicherry Police Guidelines - Old

Proceeding on CJM Court on Complaint & Counter Complaint cases dt 20.10.1993

Circulars of DGP

Circulars of IGP

Police Manual draft  - Events and dates

Detention Order - Empowering District Magistrate for Puducherry UT dt 4.8.09

Investigation check list

Non Conviction Certificate - decentralization by DGP - Order

GO - Computer Education to Police Personnel under E-Governance

Memorandum - Insisting to wear helmet while riding motor cycle 22.06.10

DGP - Office Order - On Complaints Dt 22.7.10

DGP Circular dt 03.08.10 - Disposal of Case Property - Supreme Court Guidelines on MV Act

FAQ on Proclaimed Offender

FIR separate for SDM court - IGP Order 01.01.2012

Technical Committee for Police Department - Order of SP(HQ) Dt 22.03.12

Complaint Committee for Women - SP(HQ) Order dt 04.01.2013

DIG (Admin cum L&O) - Instructions on Boy / Girl Missing for SHOs

Standing Order 1 of 2013 Missing & Unidentified bodies

SSP (L&O) nominated as Public Relation Officer (PRO) - Order of DGP - Dt 23.10.13

SPECIAL TASK FORCE - STF Circular dt.29.6.04 / Reviving of STF in Puducherry Region 25.07.2001 /

SPECIAL TASK FORCE - STF - Shifting Land line phone -STF dt.18th April 2009

SPECIAL TASK FORCE -STF Allotment Vehicle order dt.17.11.2009 /

SPECIAL TASK FORCE - Missing Person Unit (DMPU) for District - Standing Order 

CID Unit - Missing Person Squad (MPS) for UT - Standing Order

Press Note - Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 - Registration of cases by SHO and investigation by SDPOs - Press Note dt. 03.07.14

Leave Rules at a Glance

Role of  VAOs in Policing - by Prasad Rao IPS SP PTS - 10.10.14

SPECIAL TASK FORCE - Reviving of STF in Puducherry Region - SSP (L&O) Order dt.17.11.14

Nodal officer for Email accounts - Nomination letter - Police Department June 15

NIC E-mail Subscription form
Resetting of NIC mail password
Standing Order for allotment of Police Residential Quarters - application form allotment police quarters dt.08.08.16
Public Meeting Permission - Conditions - Order of SSP (L&O) dt 19.08.16
DGP Circular - Functioning of Tourists Police - dt 14.11.17
DGP Circular - PRO for Print and Electronic media - 13.11.17
DGP Note - Digital version of Policing - dt 13.11.17
DGP Circular - Inculcating discipline in the force and Pride in Wearing Uniform - 13.11.17
DGP Circular - Honouring of Media Personnel - Journalists with objective views in Media - dt 13.11.17
DGP Circular - Establishment of Task Force for handling Martyrs issues dt 13.11.17
DGP Circular - Alternate Complaint Resolution & Crime Status Report - dt 13.11.17
PTS - Training Syllabus Standing Order - Indoor and Outdoor
Standing Order No. 02 - 2018 dt 30.05.18 - Prevention of Organized Crime, Revenge Killings etc
Standing Order No. 01/2018 - Transfer and Posting in Puducherry Police
DIG - Circular – Guidelines on Measures to be taken to curb mob Violence and Lynching - dt 08.09.18
Corrigendum - Administrative Supervision at the Senior Level - Order of DGP dt 05.12.18
Corrigendum - Administrative Supervision Level - Order of DGP dt 12.12.18
Hand Book on Cyber Safety by MHA
Meritorious Service Entry (MSE) - Good Service Entry (GSE) to Police personnel - DGP order dt 09.02.19
DGP circular dt 12.03.19 - Procedure for sending notice and acknowledgment us 41-A CrPC




Puducherry Police Sanctioned Strength


Non-Plan Posts GO Numbers

Creation of 625 Post for various cadres - Dy.SPs to PCs - GO Ms. 21/2010 dt.18.05.10 - Police Vigilance (HQ) @ Policing of Police Unit (HQ) / Tourist / Traffic / CCR / HQ / CID Unit / STF Unit / additional strength for Police Stations.

Duties of Police Vigilance (HQ) @ Policing of Police Unit (HQ)

GO. Rt. No. 106: Record Clerk / Keeper post - Home Dept Order dt. 17.12.13


Post Sanction GO's (before 1980)

Post Sanction GO's (1980 - 1995)

Post Sanction GO's (2003 - 2015)

Sanctioned Strength

Puducherry Police Sanctioned Strength as per DAT October 2010

Notification of GOI on the cadre review for IPS AGMU cadres dt. 22.04.10






Recruitment rules - IRBn

Recruitment Rules

Government Orders




Seniority - DoPT / Supreme court

DoPT OM No.28011_6_76-Estt.(D) 1978 - Starting point of Recruitment Roaster Typed
DoPT MO No. 35014_2_80-Estt.(D) - Feb 1986 - En-Bloc Vacancy
DoPT OM No. 22011_7_86_Estt(D) - 03.07.1986 Typed
Supreme Court on Seniority - Union Of India & Ors vs N.R. Parmar & Ors on 27 November, 2012
Compassionate - Supreme Court -Smt. Shahnaz Khan vs Union Of India on 24 February, 2015
Supreme Court - G.S. Lamba & Ors vs Union Of India & Ors on 22 March, 1985
Supreme Court - Land mark on Seniority - Union Of India & Ors vs N.R. Parmar & Ors on 27 November, 2012
Supreme Court - M.S.Sandhu & Anr.Etc.Etc vs State Of Punjab & Ors.Etc.Etc on 7 May, 1948
Supreme Court - Pran Krishna Goswami & Ors vs State Of West Bengal And Ors on 24 April, 1985
Supreme Court - same recruitment year - Union of India Vs. N.R. Parmar Latest..
Supreme Court - "Date of Joining" - State Of West Bengal And Others ... vs Nani Gopal Dutta And Others on 10 July, 1989
Supreme Court - Suraj Parkash Gupta And Others vs State Of J & K And Others on 28 April, 2000
Supreme Court on Rota Quota - 28.11.17
Supreme Court on Rota quota - Er.B.R.Bawa And Others vs State Of Punjab & Others on 14 July, 2009
Supreme Court on Rota quota FULL JUDGEMENT - Er.B.R.Bawa And Others vs State Of Punjab & Others on 14 July, 2009
Supreme Court on Seniority - Union Of India & Ors vs N.R. Parmar & Ors on 27 November, 2012



Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961

Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971

United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances 1988

Presentation on Financial Investigation on NDPS Act

Presentation on Financial Investigation on SAFEMA

Presentation on Forfeiture of property against Narcotic Drugs trafficking held on 16.04.10

Departmental Enquires (DE) - Notes and guidelines - PTS

At a glance - Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act (PITNDPS) dt 15.09.16



Juvenile Justice






Designating SHO as Juvenile / Child Welfare Officer for Puducherry UT



Special Juvenile Police Unit for Districts of Puducherry UT



SSP (C&I) as Nodal Officer for Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 in Puducherry UT


Juvenile Justice by PTS on 20.02.10


Child Welfare Committee Members


The Protection of Children against sexual offences Act 2012


CHILDLINE 1098 and POLICE - Presentation & Police as Child Welfare Officer - Presentation


The Information Technology Act 2000 -  (amendment-2008)


MHA guidelines - 1. SOP to handle Child Trafficking for Child Labour -  2. Legal provisions in Child Labour trafficking


National Policy for Children 2013


POSCO Rules 2012


POSCO Act 2012


Pamphlets on Child Protection

    Operation Smile -II -Circular dt.04.01.2016
    Juvenile Justice - Attention on "BAL DIKSHA" & JJ Act - Ministry of Women & Child Welfare - letter Dt. 16.04.16
    Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act 2015 (with Effect from Jan 16) - Awareness / sensitization on Section 77
    The Juvenile Justice Act - Press release of GOI 15.01.16
    JJ Act - Awareness on important 9 Point - 2016
    Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2015 - Bare Act Gazette dt. 15.01.16
    Juvenile Justice Board - Sittings Enhancement to every Tuesday and Thursday - Court Order dt.14.09.16
    Child Abuse - Fighting fear fearlessly - Nirbheek
    IEC Materials for implementation of Juvenile Justice Act 2015 and POCSO Act 2012
    SOP on Escape, Runaway, Sexual abuse - Death of children in child care Institutions




Brain Death and Organ Donation with Police Roles




THO -amendment-Act-2011 - (The Transplantation of Human Organs)


THO-amendment-Bill-2011  - (The Transplantation of Human Organs)


THO-Rules-2014 - (The Transplantation of Human Organs)


Legal & Ethical Aspects of Organ Donation and Transplantation


Brain Death - Wikipedia


The Report Of Transplant of Human Organs Act Review Committee






Role of Police



Ministry of Environment and Forests - Wild Life

Advisory on investigation of offences under the Wild life Protection act 1972 by Police Officers - dt 10th oct 14

Advisory regarding certain species of coral ornamental fishes of urgent concern dt.31.10.08

Amendment in import policy conditions of shark fins under ITC (HS) 0305 7100 of chapter 03 of ITC (HS) 2012- Schedule-1 (Import Policy)

Illegal use -display of wild animals in laboratories -museums of schools -colleges - reg dt.26 sept.2012

Intimation of arrest and conviction of wildlife criminals to the cocerned Police stations dt . 2 sep 2013

Policy on prohibition of (finning) of shark fins in the sea dt.25th august 2013

Prohibition on export of shark fins of all species of shark dt.6 feb 2015

Format - Accused Profile

Awareness about poaching and illegal trade in Pangolins and Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises in India



General Election 2016

Date Instruction
12.02.16 General Election - Model code of conduct constitution of standing committee
19.02.16 General Elections - Restrictions on the printing of pamphlets, posters etc
27.02.16 Chief Electoral officer - Meeting




CIPA training for Configurations by NIC, Puducherry

CRB - CIPA Software - Accessing of RTO database - Circular dt 07.02.11

CRB - CIPA Software - Accessing of RTO database - Circular dt 07.02.11




Scope of work - CCTNS CAS - MHA

MoU for Puducherry

CCTNS State Plan Form 5 & 6

CCTNS UT Mission teams and Core Committee - Order in PDF format

Synchronization of events up to 2011

Synchronization of events - 2012

Synchronization of events - 2013

Synchronization of events at NCRB





Puducherry Police Headquarters Heritage View

Puducherry Police Headquarters Present Heritage View

Puducherry Historical Uniforms Since French Regime

Police Logos @ Emblems

Police Heritage Cap @ Special CAPs @ Kippees

Heritage Photos of Puducherry

Heritage Photos of Police Head Quarters

Rank Badges of Police Officers - IPS Officer / Puducherry UT cadre / Puducherry IRBn Cadres
Resetting of NIC mail




Website maintenance - GOI Guidelines

Guidelines for Uniformity of Government Web sites

History of Puducherry Police by PT

General Information on Puducherry

Pondicherry History on Freedom Struggle

Dr.S.Bascarane Web Officer

Letter on Web Site guidelines

Puducherry Police Logo

Authorities under RTI

Computer Education to all Police Personnel through Co-op Department