Thavalakuppam PS - Press clippings

Cr. No. 11/2015 u/s 457, 380 IPC @ 453, 380 r/w 34 IPC dated 28.01.2015


          That on 28.01.2015 at 09.30 hrs a case was reported at Thavalakuppam P S regarding the theft of cash of Rs. 21,60,200/- from the Canara Bank ATM, Puducherry-Cuddalore Main Road, Thavalakuppam, Puducherry. In the complaint, Shri. R. Balasubramanian, Senior manager of the said Bank had stated that on 28.01.2015 between 00.30 hrs and 01.30 hrs at Canara Bank ATM, Puducherry-Cuddalore Main Road, Thavalkuppam, Puducherry, some unknown culprits had gained ingresses into the Canara Bank ATM and committed theft of cash of Rs. 21,60,200/- by using regular PIN number.


          In this regard, a Team was formed under Inspector Thiru. S. Palanivelu of Ariankuppam Circle and Thiru. Djeayaramane of Nettapakkam Circle consisting of S.I.  R. Chandrasekharan, S.I.  Ramamurthy,  SGHC 2142 Vengadesan,  SGHC 2265,  P. Mougoundan PC 2936,  Patchayappan and PC 3008 Archunan.  During investigation, on 29.01.2015 at 10.00 hrs one Rajendiran, S/o. Kuppusamy, Pooranankuppam, Puducherry who is a casual labour of the said bank was brought by the crime team to Thavalakuppam P.S. on suspicion.  He was interrogated and he admitted his involvement in the above case.  On the same day at 10.30 hrs, accused Rajendiran was arrested.  As per his confession statement, stolen cash of Rs. 21,60,200/- and other materials used for committing offence were seized.  Consequently, reliable information was received that some other accused persons may have also been involved in this case.  In order to ascertain the truth, the accused person Rajendiran was again interrogated by taking him in Police custody.  During interrogation, he confessed about the involvement of two other persons namely, 1 Udayakumar S/o  Abimannan of Pooranankuppam, Puducherry and 2. Nagaraj S/o Ranganathan of Pooranankuppam, Puducherry.  Therefore, they were also arrested and two motorcycles, two knives, nylon rope, polythene sticker tape were seized at their instance.  After completion of investigation, the case was charge sheeted and the same is pending trial.  The Police team mentioned above did an excellent job to work out the case and recover stolen cash Rs.21,60,200/- within 12 hours and earned a good image for Puducherry Police. The case was investigated by Inspector S. Palanivelu of Ariankuppam Circle.


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Lawspet PS  - News Clippings 1 / News Clippings 1

Cr. No. 84/2015 U/s 380 IPC dated 13.06.2015


That on 13.06.2015 at 16.30 hrs one Mani @ Sundararajan, President, Sri Sidthi Vinayagar Sri Sivasubramaniar Swamy Devesthanam, Pethuchettipet, Puducherry came to Lawspet Police Station and lodged a complainant that on 13.06.2015 Saturday morning at 07. 50 hrs the Gold Chain weighing about 1 Sov. Gold Thali with Kundu weighing about 1 Sov. from the Lord Sri Valli idol and Chain weighing about 1 Sov. Gold Thali with 2 Kundus weighing about 1 Sov. from Lord Sri Deivanai Statue, totally 4 Sov. gold was found missing from the Sri Sidthi Vinayagar Sri Sivasubramaniar Swamy Temple Sanctum. Further he stated that one silver ornament (Poonul) weighing about 350 Gms of Lord Sri Subramaniar Statue was also found missing. The value of the stolen Gold jewels was Rs. 1 Lakh app. and silver ornaments was Rs.16,000/-, the total worth of the stolen ornaments was Rs.1,16,000/-. A case vide Cr.No.84/2015 u/s 380 IPC was registered at Lawspet PS.


In this connection, accused Elumalai, S/o Manickam, r/o Marakkanam, Tamil Nadu was arrested and Two gold chains, Two gold Thali,  Three gold Kundus,  four gold Thali Pottu and  one silver Arnakairu was recovered from his residence. The case was solved within 24 hours by Lawspet Police and the case has been charge sheeted.  The case was investigated by S.I. M. Ilango of Lawspet PS.


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Grand Bazaar PS - News Clippings

Cr.No.112/2015 U/s 41 (1) (d), 102 CrPC @ 359 IPC dated 12.06.2015


That on 12.06.2015 at 19.20 hrs, while P. Sivaprakassam, SI of Police along with PC 2650 Thiru. Maxime,  & PC 3058 Thiru. Silambarasan were performing vehicle checking duty at the 45 Feet Road, Rainbow Nagar, Puducherry, one suspicious Motorcyclist was noticed.  On seeing the Police, he tried to escape with his bike.  However, with the assistance of police personnel he was caught.  On enquiry, he gave his name and address as Deepak @ Deepak Raj, S/o Babu, Valavanur, Villupuram. On further enquiry, he admitted that the black and blue colour Bajaj Discover DTS motorcycle bearing registration No. PY01-AZ-3553 was stolen from backside of C.S. Office, Puducherry. Therefore, Deepak @ Deepak Raj was placed under arrest.  The accused Deepak @ Deepak Raj was brought to Grand Bazaar Police Station along with seized motor cycle and a case vide Cr. No. 112/2015 u/s 41(1) (d), 102 CrPC was registered against the accused.


 During the course of investigation at about 21.10 hrs, one Murali, S/o Munusamy, New Saram, Puducherry came to PS, and stated that on 12.06.2015 between 18.30 hrs and 19.30 hrs, from backside of C.S. Office, Puducherry his Black and blue colour Bajaj Motorcycle bearing Regn. No. PY01 AZ.3553 was stolen by some unknown culprits and requested for necessary action. Hence, it came to light that the seized motorcycle belongs to the complainant Subramani. The seized motorcycle was shown to the complainant at Grand Bazaar PS and he identified that the said motorcycle to be his stolen motorcycle. During interrogation, accused confessed that he had stolen five more motorcycles. Based on his confession, two more stolen Motorcycles in (1) Cr. No. 101/2015 u/s 379 IPC and (2) Cr. No. 62/2015 u/s 379 IPC of Muthialpet, Puducherry were recovered from the residence of the accused.  

The accused was later identified to be a hardcore criminal involved in a double murder case, an attempt to murder case, NDPS case and theft cases of various Police Stations of Puducherry and Tamilnadu area. Thereafter during investigation, as many as 12 stolen Motor-cycles and one Car was recovered at his instance by Grand Bazaar Police. The case is being investigated by SI R.Ramesh of Grand Bazaar P.S.


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Nettapakkam PS - News Clippings

Cr. No. 9/2015 U/s 457,  380 @ 457, 380  r/w 34 IPC dated 02.02.2015


That on 02.02.2015 Thiru Selvakumar, Manager-HR, TVS Lucas Company, Nettapakkam lodged a complaint at Nettapakkam P.S. that some unknown culprits entered into Plant 3, by break opening the window grills during night hours and committed theft of valuable materials of Rectifier Assy (RA90, RA60) & Coupling Assy from Plant 3, total pieces 1975 Nos, worth about Rs. 7,00,000/-.  A case vide Cr. No. 9/2015 U/s 457, 380 @ 457, 380 r/w 34 IPC was registered at Nettapakkam PS.


After collection of intelligence, total seven accused namely 1. Bharathiraja S/o Kaliyappan, Earipakkam New colony, Kariyamanikam, Puducherry, 2. Nataraj @ Balaji, S/o Selvarasu, Kallikulam, Kariyamanikkam, Puducherry 3. Pazhanimurugan, S/o Ramachandiran, Nettapakkam, 4. Silukan @ Manivannan, S/o Kannan, Kariyamanikkam, Puducherry, 5. Saminathan, S/o Kaliyamoorthy, Kariamanickam, Puducherry 6) Ajithkumar, S/o Jayamoorthy, Kariamnaickam (Post), Villupuram, 7) Arun, S/o Selvakumar, Kariamancikam, Puducherry were arrested.  Nettapakkam Police recovered motorcycle spare parts worth about Rs. 7 Lakhs at the instance of the accused persons. The case was charge sheeted on 18.04.2015.  The case was solved within 24 hours due to the excellent work and speedy investigation done by by SI S. Nandakumar of Nettapakkam P.S.



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Grand Bazaar PS

Cr. No. 49/2015 U/s 380 IPC dated 27.03.2015


That on 27.03.15 at 16.30 hrs one  Krishnasamy, S/o Boobalan Nayudu, Venkata Nagar, Puducherry came to Grand Bazaar PS and lodged complaint that an unknown person came to his house asking for Aadhar card to check the details mentioned in Aadhar card by which he gained ingress into the house of the complainant and committed theft of jewels of about 15 sovereigns  and Rs. 10,000/-.  A case vide Cr. No. 49/2015 U/S 380 IPC was registered at Grand Bazaar PS.


          By collecting intelligence, accused namely G. Vijay, S/o Gnanasegar, Ambour Taluk, Vellore, Tamilnadu and Ganesh, S/o Duraisamy, Ambour Taluk, Velour, Tamilnadu were arrested and 27 Sov. of gold jewels were recovered.  During investigation they admitted that they have also committed similar thefts of jewels and cash at various other places by deceptive method of approaching the aged people and women living alone in Puducherry and Tamilnadu areas on the pretext of asking them to bring the Aadhar card for verification by which they gain ingress in the houses.  In the similar fashion, the accused persons entered the complaint house and stole the gold jewels and cash kept in the almirah of the Complainant’s house. It also came to light that they were also involved in following cases (1) Cr. No. 13/2015 u/s 380 IPC r/w 34 IPC of Grand Bazaar PS, (2) Cr. No.51/2015 u/s 380 IPC of Muthialpet PS, (3) Cr. No.35/2015 u/s 380 IPC of Orleanpet PS and (4) Cr. No.128/15 u/s 454,380 IPC (5) Cr. No.132/15 U/s 454,380 IPC of Chidambaram PS, Tamilnadu. With the arrest of these two accused, the series of crimes with above modus operandi came to an end. The case is being investigated by SI R.Ramesh of Grand Bazaar P.S.


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Odiansalai PS, Grand Bazar PS, Mudaliarpet PS, Reddiyarpalayam and Orleanpet PS – Secured Motor Cycle MO criminals 1. Kaspar, 2. Alex and 3. Vakkil Ramesh. More than 15 bikes were recovered connected with the above PSL.

7 Kirumampakkam PS: A Motor Cycle offender Subash was secured and recovered 9 Motor Cycles and handed over to SHO of Kirumampakkam PS  Vide Cr. No. 74, 75/15 U/s 379 IPC

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