EVENTS - 2016

Robbery Case of Villianour PS - Cr. No. 191/14 U/s 392 IPC r/w 34 IPC


that on 20.09.2014 at 0830 hrs one  Abdul Rahman @ Ansaari (58) S/o Jiayudeen, Plot No.15 & 16, Bismi Street, Sulthanpet, Villianour, Puducherry  had lodged a written complaint stating that he is working as Secretary at RAAK Educational Trust, Sulthanpet, Villianour, Puducherry and  on 20.09.2014  at about 05.30 hours while he was  coming out  from his house for prayer he noticed four unknown persons came in  a Qualis car which was parked in-front of his house.  Among them one person pushed him into his house and asked him to open the inside door. He noticed that the accused person was in possession of a brown colour Gun, other two persons possessing knife and demanded to hand over key of the house of Chairman, RAAK College. In the meantime the complainantís wife tried to open the rear door of his house but they restricted her. They extorted Hauwei mobile phone-1, Karbone mobile phone-1, cash Rs.6,000/- from the complainant and asked  for same other document and searched all Almirah of his house.   Then they tied the hands and legs him and his son using package tape and pushed them into a room. They also extorted 4 nos of golden bangles from the complainantís wife and they escaped in the Qualis Car. Based on his complaint a case in Cr. No. 191/14 U/s 392 IPC r/w 34 IPC was registered was taken up for investigation. It was a sensational case inviting attention from all corners.

 As directed by DIG and SSP (L&O), STF team visited SOC and collected information and intelligence from the complainant and other witnesses.

1.     2 days Tower Dump from all the 8 Service Providers centering the SOC was collected and compared presuming surveillance by accused on the previous day but no useful clues.

2.    IMEI numbers of the 2 robbed mobiles were tracked and traced at Kumarapalayam, Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu and the same was seized under the Mahazure but no useful clues to proceed further.

3.    Checked MO criminals, local Ex-convict persons & suspected persons.

4.    The local pawn brokers shop, Jewel shop owners were enquired and circulated crime circular.

5.    We developed portrait of the suspected person with help of artist and computer designer but in vain.

 The team was periodically alerted and suspects / Mo criminals were interrogated with keen interest to work out the case. During periodical interrogation of MO criminal for HB day namely Sudhagar of Karipalayam, Marakkanam and Velmurugan of Sada Nagar Thavalakuppam, it was ascertained that one bike offender Mahesh of Singirikoil, Thavalakuppam had requested to break open one house at Sulthanpet which he had refused. Then he identified the house relating to the offence. Then Bike offender Magesh mobile number was searched and identified in the tower dump of the SOC. This was the opening for solving the case.

 Then Magesh was tracked through CDR and IMEI analysis. Bike offender Magesh mobile number had linked to other numbers belongs to 1. Purushotham Navarkulam, Lawspet, 2. Jaheer Hussain, Sulthanpet, Villianour and 3. Kumarapalayam, Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu found tallying with the history of the case. The same was communicated to SSP (L&O), SP(S) and CI Villianour. STF Team assisted IO in further investigation, tracking / securing accused persons / recovered Hyndai i 20 Car (PY01-BK-9797) / one Nokia X2 mobile phone with two SIM cards (Vodafone & Docomo) etc.  

 Investigation revealed that the accused Jaheer Hussain neighbour to the complainant had presumed more diamond jewels are kept in the House of RAAK College Owner and its key was with the complainant. On knowing the information Purushotham Patel and Jaheer Hussain conspired for the commission of robbery with the assistance of Mahesh and other accused Sakthivel in Cuddalore jail. On his link they liaise one Karthik of Thiruchirappalli paying 1 Lakhs. Then he engaged 5 others to commit the robbery and HB on the guidance of Purushotham Patel, Jaheer Hussain and Magesh. Accordingly they committed the robbery of 4 nos of gold bangles weighing about 32 grams, 1 Hauwei mobile phone, 1 Karbone mobile phone and cash Rs.6,000/- at complainant house by using a Qualis car. The act of the accused persons attracts the offences U/s 395, 120-B, 109, 395 IPC.  

 The methods adopted in processing of collected intelligence, trapping, securing the accused persons were the TEAM Work beautifully executed by all members of STF Puducherry had invited appreciations from all corners including Senior Officers, co-worker and general public.


Minor Girl Kidnapping - Cr. No. 12/16, U/s 363 @ 366 IPC & 10 of POCSO Act of PS  Dí Nagar


That on 16.01.2016 at 10.45 hrs one Jayamoorthy 50 yrs, No.11, 1st Cross St, Gandhi Nagar, Puducherry had lodged a written complaint that his daughter Jayabharathi (17) studying H.Sc at KSP Matriculation School, Kadirkamam had gone to school for tuition on 15.01.16 by 1630hrs and not returned till date and found missing. He added that one Sivaraj, who is working in the KSP Matriculation School is suspected to have kidnapped his daughter and requested to secure his daughter. Based on the complaint, a case in Cr. No.12/16 U/s 363 IPC was registered and taken up for investigation.


2.       During the course of investigation, special crime teams were formed by SP (South) & CI Dí Nagar. Search operation was initiated. In the meantime victim girlís father Jayamoorthy filed Habeaus Writ Petition vides 83/2016 at Honíble High Court of Judicature, Chennai. On 19.01.2016 affidavit was filed by SP(South) in the Honíble High Court, Chennai about the progress of case but the High Court had stipulated time limit for production. The case became sensational inviting attention and criticism of local NGO.

3.       As directed by DIG, SSP(L&O) and SP(S), STF Team also had formed 3 teams to assisted SHO & CI Dí Nagar. Informationís and intelligence were collected inclusive of the mobile numbers of the accused. CDR and IMEI analysis was done, frequent number and other IMEI form CDR were collected and analyzed. Based on the analysis, it was ascertained that the accused is shuttling between Chennai and Thirukoilur, Tamilnadu. The matter was communicated to the IO and the crime team. Apart from this, STF was divided into 3 teams, one marched to Chennai, second to Thirukoilur leaving the 3 team as base station for CDR analysis.

4.       Accordingly, one Manikandan friend to accused traced at Thirukoilur had declared that the accused along with the girl came to him requesting for marriage. As he had refused he had left to Chennai to collect money for expense from his girlfriend. Immediately the same was communicated to all the teams and CI Dí Nagar.

5.       Accordingly, the accused person and the victim girl were trapped using the assistance of the accused girlfriend at Karaiyanchavady, Poonthamalli Highways, Chennai and produced before the Honíble High Court, Chennai for the Habeaus Corpus Writ petition in the morning vide HCP No. 83/2016.

6.       The methods adopted in processing of collected intelligence, trapping, securing the accused persons were the TEAM Work beautifully executed by all members of STF Puducherry. It is further submitted that, solving this case had invited appreciations from all corners including Chief Minister, Senior Officers, co-worker and general public.